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Temporary job ideas for college graduates in India

India and the entire world is undergoing a demand driven hiring trend. Unemployment, underemployment and  skill shortage are some of the terms that we hear every day.

In this sluggish job market, the most important factor looked-for by the companies  is ‘experience’. To cope up with the present scenario, there is an utmost need to search for alternatives. Temporary jobs can be the best option while making a move towards the professional world.

what is a temporary job?

The term ‘Temporary job’ refers to the condition under which an employee is placed for a job, only for a limited period of time . The employment period depends on a number of factors  –

  • completion of a project
  • seasonal activities
  • availability of capital and
  • many others as such.

A temporary job are set  for the time frame of a week , a month, a year or any period in between.

Graduation and job opportunities

Completing graduation is exciting, isn’t it ?  

How about adding a little pomp to your excitement ?

If your eager to kick start your career right after you get hold of your graduation certificate, then temporary job is the best suit for your career at the moment. 

Most of the temporary jobs are of different organizational levels, however in India, it is the entry level jobs that attract a lot of temporary workers.

Why should you prefer a temporary job right after your graduation?

For fresh college graduates, who are in a constant search of a permanent job, temporary jobs can prove to be a saviour. The primary reasons why you should consider them are as follows:

Your first step in the job market

Even though you have a degree now, you are quite uncertain about the job market and the trends. It may happen that you have a honours degree in Marketing but you want to try out your hand in accounting jobs.

In order to identify  and explore your dream job and to get a practical knowledge of the work culture, it can be the best to update your information before you consider your full time career in the similar field. For those who lack a firm idea of where they are heading towards, can find a way in their career.

A breakthrough to your career otherwise a dull CV

It can add value to your employment record  and highlight your achievements and thus, boost your skill set and  assist in your career development.

While mentioning about your temporary job in your CV, the one thing that you need to consider is the term of your job. 

Normally, when the position continues longer than a period of about 6 months, it’s considered as a long term appointment. Any time period shorter than that cannot prove to be fruitful if added to your CV.

But remember,  ‘a job’ is always better than ‘ no job’.

Cut out the chances of career gap

Most of the fresh graduates wait for a permanent job after completing graduation .

Not all of you can get the desired job immediately . So, why take the chance of a gap at most important phase of your professional career ?

You can well represent yourself with regards to your contract jobs regarding your skills and accomplishments.

They are quick and instant money

If in case you don’t like to continue with the job role, short time engagement term keeps your option of opting out soon.

You won’t be stuck to it for a long time and thus, your interests would be safe. Also, they are the fastest way to earn some money to at least pay your own bills.

Psychologically beneficial 

Feldman says,

“There are enormous psychological benefits of having any employment compared to unemployment even if it’s not ideal.”

If a  graduate is unemployed for several months, it creates restlessness and hopelessness. Temporary job gives a meaning to your life when it is the need of the hour.

Learn new skills

If you have not been a part of a particular industry, it can extend your know how and open a new door in order to renew your pre-existing skills  like never before.

You can have solid understanding about the industry and make enormous experiments which can help you lead in the in the long run.

It can turn into your permanent job 

Your charismatic character and impressive work habits can make you an inseparable part of the company. If you can fulfill the  goals of your job role and put your best forward, management may decide to rewrite your job offer letter as a permanent employee. Salary hike and other perks are added benefits that can follow.

Increases your contacts

 Once you get into an organization, you come in contact with people related to different fields and positions. Those connections can ultimately result in sizing up your career arena regardless of where you stand  in the long run, because, you cannot avoid the fact that, references play an important role in professional career.

Below  are some of the temporary jobs that can be taken up by the college graduates –

Temporary job ideas for college graduates in India

Online ad posting 

Posting ad contents in different websites or forums can be one of the most easiest jobs that you can do from anywhere and whenever possible. Without any limitation on working hours, you can get a fixed and permanent payment every month. All you need for this job is the basic knowledge of computer and  an internet connection. However before joining a company to work for, make sure that they really pay or not because there are many scam companies that rule the internet.

Data Entry Jobs 

If you have an interest in the IT field and a speedy typing skill, you can start a   data entry job as a freelancer. This is a simple job to update and maintain information on computer systems accurately and make it useable, which can be done both online and offline.

Content writing 

Are you passionate about writing? If yes, then you can get hired for the post of content writer, which can  both be home or office based. You can create a variety of content for websites, blogs, social networks, marketing sites and so on. To write attractive contents, you need to be creative with an excellent research ability  and the intelligence to decide as to what information should be included or not included in the article.

Social media content reviewer 

As a reviewer, you will need to review content according to the platform’s policy , having an in-depth knowledge of the digital culture. This job role is mainly related to  investigating, reviewing and resolving the issues that are reported by the users. With strong interpersonal skills, a content reviewer should be able to quickly absorb product and tool functionality, with a keen interest in quality up gradation for ultimate customer satisfaction. You will be expected continuously improve the process and workflow.

Office  Assistant 

To ensure that the company processes run smoothly, they hire office assistants. The job of an office assistant is broad in terms of responsibilities.  Right from clerical duties to editing documents for accuracy and answering customer queries, an office assistant during his or her tenure can learn a lot in the work place. You need to be an excellent team player because you will not just be an ‘assistant’ , rather an administrator with key duties.

Teaching Assistant 

As per you study niche, you can apply for posts in teaching assistants. There are many institutes who hire contractual teachers with a good payroll. In fact, it can become a source of not only money but also learning. You can remain updated with your regular study. It is one of the best options that you can opt for if you have an interest in further studies.

Project Manager 

Companies hire project managers for specific projects  to be handled from beginning to end. You can work as a project manager as a part time worker and either be paid hourly or on daily basis. You will be expected to generate creative ideas , execution plans , budget framing , coordinating with team members and foresee issues that can pop up.

Freelance photographer 

You can work for multiple clients at the same time. Demand for freelance photographers have increased in recent times, but to be in the top of the list, you need to be highly efficient in your job. Apart from your academic degree,  you can learn photography skills that can boost your interest in the field. Photo journalists, graphic designers, feature editors are some of the jobs that are directly related to it and are highly paid with experience.


With the option of working full time or part time and from any part of the world, translators convert texts from one language to another with written communication.

To work as a translators, you will need to be an expert in at least two languages. Your primary aim will be to  accurately convey the information to its receivers. An efficient translator can work on any kind of content, be it scientific, technical or casual articles. A firm grip on the languages is a must to prosper in this field. 

Business analyst 

Often referred to as management consultants, business analyst plays a major role  in maximizing profits and increasing efficiencies.

As a business analyst , you will be responsible to  constantly determine the pros and cons of the organization and guide the top management in improving their day to day business. Your efficiency in this position will tend to become better with every passing day.

Conclusion –

As per one latest research on hiring trends in India, year 2017 had a mixed hiring job market but there are different sectors that have reached out their branches for more and more temporary job opportunities in the year 2018.

The basic reason why companies these days prefer temporary employment is because it turns out to be cheaper than permanent recruitment over the average life time of an employee in an organization. Its flexibility can help you balance your professional and personal life.  

Being in a temporary job, you will definitely have to put a lot of effort and time to reach your goals but, you can also have a control over that.

So, isn’t that a smart choice ?

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