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How to get your masters while working full-time

How to get masters while working full-time

Do you have a dream of pursuing Masters apart from working full time? Yes, many students want to complete the masters but couldn’t due to work pressure which they bound to do for maintaining their family as a result of which their dreams remain unfulfilled. But here are the seven tips which can be followed to pursue Masters while working full time.

1. Consider online, Hybrid or Night Programs

Most of you are engaged in private companies, and you likely don’t have the flexibility of attending a class during working hours, and therefore you can enroll in an online or hybrid program which can give you the flexibility you require. Moreover, many reputed institutions provide online education through which you could be able to interact with professors and students through a virtual environment from anywhere in the world. The online training is also very cheaper compared to in-person counterparts as the universities don’t have to invest much in infrastructure.
There are also night classes which could be another great option to obtain Masters which could be a bit challenging as it becomes difficult to motivate in evening classes after a hectic day.

2. Plan Ahead

Planning is essential if you want to pursue a Master degree while working. If you are juggling a full- time job along with education apart from a family on top, you need proper planning ahead which can make all the difference.

3. Schedule your Studying based on your Personality

One can use their commute especially when the one you are traveling in public transport as some of you are multi-taskers. As the books are now available online, it is easy to go through it while moving to the office. Others need to schedule study time hours rather than to hang out with friends, family or co-workers. Strict time management needs to be focused based on your workload and personality.

4. Create Habits

Habits help make the workload manageable. The more practices you put in place, the less stressful the balancing act will be. You should create a habit of maintaining a balanced routine of work and study. Whether it is getting up early to read and write or it is scheduling study time immediately after class each week, specific school habits will help ensure success and reduce stress. You could also maintain a habit of regular study after office hours instead of having fun with friends.

5. Track your Progress

You should track your progress as sometimes it feels like you will not be able to reach the goal. You should set mini goals with each course and track if you are successful in meeting your goals. You should stick to your goals unless you achieve success and never give up thinking that it is not possible for you to maintain both work and study.

6. Get support

Support is significant whether from your parents or from your siblings or spouse. We are human, and we need a friend or significant other to help us meet our goals. You should not be afraid to ask for help from the people around you as there are some who will help you without giving a second thought which will encourage you to meet your goals.

7. Make sure you are passionate about the topic you are studying

You should be excited about the topic you are studying if you are looking to pursue a master’s degree while working. When you are in a Master’s program it’s all about the specialization. So you should specialize in an area that excites you be it STEAM, Literacy, Digital learning, Curriculum, and Instruction, Inclusive Learning, etc. Doing Master’s while working is a difficult task and therefore you should be passionate about what you are studying.

There are tremendous benefits to having a Master’s degree. It could increase the chance of getting vital promotions double your salary or allow you to look for more specialized work within your field. But it may seem to be difficult while you are working a full-time job. But you don’t have to worry whether you will be able to manage both work and responsibility at the same time. There are some steps that you need to implement to balance both your career and your job.

Work efficiently

The 80/20 rule which is also known as the Pareto Principle states that v 80% of the effects comes from 20% of the cause. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that both your studies and work are equally important and you have to stop doing things which aren’t having a significant impact on your output. Increase your productivity by leveraging your resources and managing your time better ignoring non-essential task which will not give any result related to your career.

Keep your manager happy

Combining a full-time job with a Master’s degree is always more comfortable in workplaces which actively promote continuous learning, but even if that’s true, you need to ensure you keep your manager on board with the idea. You need to demonstrate a strong work ethic for your job which is more likely to have requests for flexible working hours, or you would be able to make time for studying. You need to think of processes or systems which could be implemented to make work easier while studying.

Create your study hub

You need to create your study hub as someone feels more productivity if they want to study somewhere else other than home. Local libraries or coffee shop is right places to explore without the distractions of home, but if you want a base that’s honestly yours, you could look at renting an office space somewhere which will be a bit expensive but it allows you to have support where you can keep all your study materials. This will prevent from distractions of home, and you will be able to study in the period when you are free from office work.

Never leave your house without something to read

When you go out to meet a friend or client never go without having a book or make a habit of reading in free time. Your friend or client could make you waiting for long and this time is very precious which shouldn’t be wasted. You could open your book and read a few pages instead of chatting with friends or playing a game on your phone. You may not feel like you are achieving a substantial amount of work in the short time, but those snippets soon add up.


The Master’s degree is a dream for most of you, and you don’t have to worry about whether you could be able to fulfill your dream by doing a full-time job. If you try and manage to follow the points there will be no one to interrupt or stop you from doing the master’s degree. You need to maintain time for both work and study and have to follow a routine which will build your career. You have to forget that you have an evening or weekends for two years unless you guard them against wasteful meetings and activities with your life. You give your best for two years, and the rest of your life will be yours fully in which you will get every possible thing which you desire to be. No one couldn’t fulfill their dreams, but the most important thing is that you need to stick to your routine for two years.

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