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ENTP Personality Traits (Extraverted Intuition with Introverted Thinking)

ENTP is an abbreviation related to one of the sixteen personality types used in the publications of the Isabel Myers- Katharine Briggs Type Indicator which is commonly known as the MBTI.  

ENTP stands for Extraversion (E) , iNtuition (N) , Thinking (T) and Perception (P). According to the MBTI, human personality can be differentiated on the following basis – 

  1. Focus and energy.
  2. Way  of sensing and intake of information.
  3.   Thinking preferences and decision making ability.
  4.   Judgement and perception towards the world they live in.


ENTP Personality Traits (Extraverted Intuition with Introverted Thinking)

This type of personality thinks about or say, plans the future well with an in-depth imagination and intellect and so can be rightly called as ‘The Visionary’.  

As an ENTP, you are friendly and charming. Your fundamental objective in life is to understand the world in which you live in. A higher level of understanding and an enriched value for knowledge are the two pillars of your personality.

Primarily, your extraverted intuition plays the major role in understanding things, and then you start dealing with them reasonably and judiciously as your secondary trait. Using your logical approach, you are usually the fastest and the most accurate in grasping your environment than the other personality types.

You are flexible and are aware of the possibilities , as a result of which, you can be of great help while solving problems. You believe that rules are made to be broken and at the same time you are the best in settling things down in order.  

You are creative, clever and theoretical. You absolutely love new ideas. Not only can you generate them , but also , you are the most excited person to spread the results of your brainstorming sessions to others. If anyone comes up to you with a problem, you can quickly infotain them with prolific ideas and incisive humour.

However, if you do not fine process your thinking with time to time, there may be a chance that you jump from one idea to another, without fully implementing the former. If you do not think of your plans fully in advance, it might happen that you fail in taking the best advantage of them.

In the process of introverted thinking, you are more into captivating information rather than in making decisions. A perfect blend of your rational thinking and intuitive perception helps you in efficiently reaching a significant conclusion. In full bloom, you are an excellent orator or a spokesperson with an immense love for debates. While  expressing your point of views, you may feel a little amateurish and thus, tend to speak unanticipatedly. However, your enthusiasm is infectious!

For simpler understanding, this personality type can be related to that of a lawyer. Arguers by nature, the lawyer in them studies the in and out of a case, and finally takes the floor to win the case , considering its actions to be completely fair and lawful.

They question everything to get to the root of the matter. In the process, the innocence or guilt of the client are given a back seat , as a result of which, sometimes they tend to lose the human element . In the long run, this factor may result in their disconnection from other people as well as their own perception.

Sometimes, they neglect the sensitive areas of life, that is, they have an inferior introverted sensing. They also ignore the feeling part and as such, ignores the value of others and become over-active and aggressive, which is one area in which they have least developed. Also under certain circumstances, they become obsessed with the minor details so much that they  lose their concentration in the master plan.

This personality is quite uncommon as we can find it only among 2-5%  of the population. Some famous ENTPs include Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Celine Dion, Leonardo da Vinci, John Stuart, Walt Disney , Benjamin Franklin, Theodore Roosevelt, Socrates, Samuel Butler  and Conan O’Brien.


The four sub-types/states of ENTP

ENTPs in Flow

The state in which they are at their best – highly energetic and passionate with minimum stress and low neuroticism. In this state, they are aware of all the new things popping up around them and are able to extract the best possible information immediately from the resources. They  can work really hard and are in a mood to constantly refine their ideas and creativities.

ENTPs under stress 

The state in which they are at a level of – low energy, low stress , and high motivation. In this state , they behave as nerds and love to talk about their own specific interests with a lot of seriousness. They, definitely need some more fun and the push that can make them perfect and flawless . Their inner instructor highly influences their behaviour and they might easily get offensive. They need to make a perfect balance of their attitude towards the different situations and stop being hypercritical.

Anxious ENTPs 

The state in which they are at a level of – high energy, low motivation, low stress and low neuroticism. They lack passion and are clumsy, but their energy level is higher than the other types. With a silly attitude, they often tend to intentionally mess up things that should have been taken seriously for life. They are often  called as goofballs.

The popularity seeker

 The state in which they are anxious and stressed. Obsessed of being appreciated socially but compromises their own qualities . They go into this state when they feel left out . They are always worried about what others think of them. They are also quick in telling others about any negativity that are possessed by the latter.

ENTP personality career

They look into various angles of a problem and solve the same with a new standpoint. While choosing their career too, they takes the most advantages of their inbuilt talents and intelligence.  Based on their traits, the top career options for them includes Business and Leadership, Science, and Creative Art/ Design. The best careers for them are discussed below in details –

Venture Capitalist

With intelligence and swift decision making abilities, they can excel as capitalists . Their curiosity, passion and focus can actually help them to decide on what they should spend their time  and money.


It needs intelligence to buy and sell stocks and securities. With the strong negotiation abilities and debate skills, they can prosper as stockbrokers.


When the arguing ability is supported by sharp skills, it fulfils almost all the requirements in the court hall. The role of a lawyer is the best fit for the ENTPs. Intellectual debating abilities  to win a case easily is undoubtedly a good temptation for them.

Public Relations Personnel 

Someone who can always stand by the company, whether in good or bad times. They can always be defensive and play a major role in promoting brands and creating media reports to share the correct information to the public and be the prime concerned body whenever there is any emergency.

Movie Director/Producer 

The roles that needs the best of the creativity for the product to be loved by all, risk management skills , decision making ability  and intelligence to oversee all the phases of production. An ENTP can be the right person for it.

Advertising/Planning and Marketing Manager 

They can’t be typical traditional managers but can be excellent leaders in a flexible corporate environment. With proper planning and distributing skills, they can delegate work to the subordinates and make the latter feel empowered and trusted. This is why they successfully accomplish their job goals on time and the subordinates love to work harder for them .

Environmental scientist

They possess the perfect blend of analytical , communication and interpersonal skills that is needed by a person to become  an Environmental Scientist. To find the best possible solutions to the environmental issues that has been terrifying human health, the ENTPs can spend the required time to research alone and get the work done without any supervision.

Writer/ Author

They can bring a clear , inducible edge to their writings.  The writings are more thought provoking , stylish and genre specific and thus can create a specific space in  mind. It can take the readers on a roller coaster ride of words.

ENTP Relationships

ENTPs are buoyant personalities who can easily attract people. But they have a problem of sometimes ignoring their close ones when they get involved in a new idea or plan.  Of course, they take their commitments seriously but they can move on with their lives easily if their relationship fails. As they are excited by newest anything, they may tend to change partners quite frequently.

ENTP  as Friends

They can get along with almost all the other types of personalities and they genuinely enjoy and respect the company of others. However, even if they have a wide friend circle, they like to be in close touch with only those people who are intelligent and creative.  A person who can debate valiantly till the end of a topic can definitely be the best friend of an ENTP. They lack the ability of sympathizing or communicating to people who do not think in the same way as they do. This can result as a cause of miscommunication with his friends and other interpersonal relationships.

ENTP  as Parents

Being logical thinkers, they might sometimes find it difficult to deal with children. Understanding the unpredictable emotions and fulfilling the unceasing demands of a child can be matter of challenge for them. This is why they prefer to delay having kids and spend their early  years in learning and exploring the world, thereby gaining all the new experiences. When they do have children, their love for solving problems leads them to the way of becoming very good parents who aims at encouraging their children to be independent and logical representatives of the society, but they would like to leave the day-to-day common upbringing responsibilities  up to another parent if possible.

ENTP as Children

They are creative, audacious, fun and dynamic. They don’t wait for anyone to entertain them in the room, they themselves are the entertainment. They can be the little comedians but their jokes are always sophisticated. They are ingenious, witty and have a solid grasp of innovation and problem solving quality. They are both passionate and knowledgeable about what they like. Their debating skills can sometimes make them seem defiant as children. Their parents must be active and teach them the art of arguing logically and at the right time.  As a whole , from their activities , it can be said that they make one of the most entertaining children to be around.

ENTP as Partners

While in a relationship, they are consistently in a process of developing each other. They believe and act for mutual improvement and how each of them can grow in the relationship. Their intentions are quite positive and they enjoy casualness rather than a fixed schedule. Their eagerness to take risks can result in uncomfortable conditions for themselves and their partners, which can be really irksome and weighty on serious relationships.

Conclusion – 

Overall, ENTPs are unique personalities who uses their strength to unlock their exceptional abilities. They can overcome all the difficulties with ease that seems difficult to many others. They may be a part of different misunderstandings but they learn to grow from their own mistakes . With an acute awareness of the present surroundings, they are individuals with  the ‘it can always be done’ attitude, who spares no effort to discover an unexpected solution to a difficult problem.


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